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Save Our Meadows

The Campaign continues

Children Volunteering

Each Tuesday in November 26 children from P6 at George Heriots come to the Meadows to rake up leaves, plant bulbs and help with other jobs around the park. The quantity of leaves raked up has been massive, and the bulbs (both daffodils and crocuses) have been planted along the foot of the mural.



No more voluteering for 2015. Watch this space for news of the 2016 dates.

In the mean time see our Volunteering page and look at the pictures of what we have done.

Newsletter 41

Newsletter 41, Autumn 2015, is now published and can be found here.

Older Newsletters

Older Newsletters can be found on our Newsletters page.

Meadows to Innocent cycleway

The upgrade of the cycle way (National cycle route 1) between the Meadows and the Innocent Railway is now complete Read more...

Have you seen the mural at Gifford Park?

Festival Damage

The events were on the Meadows again for the Festival, and once again we have to put up with the damage they do. Is it better or worse than previous years?

See what we think.

David Lowther

We are sad to announce that one of our members, who also contributed to our voluntary work, has died suddenly.


Jawbones Update 15/7/15

The arch has been removed for restoration, and work is progressing well. We look forward to getting the Jawbones back in the Autumn.

Read the latest progress report and find out about the campaign to save the Arch.

See the Evening News article (September 2014).


Recent good weather has brought people out onto the Meadows and Links in droves. Great! That's what these open spaces are for. They are the gardens for those with no gardens, the city's breathing space. However, a few people spoil things for the rest of us by burning the grass with barbecues. Read more...

Public Toilets

The public toilets at the top of Middle Meadow Walk are threatened with closure as the Council looks for budget savings. The Council's questionnaire is now closed, but we hope for a good result.

We think, rather than being closed, they should be upgraded as part of the Quartermile development.


Dig In Community Greengrocer, Bruntsfield

Dig-in is launching a new Veg Bag scheme this week. Famous for its dirty carrots, Dig-in Community greengrocer is launching a new order and collect veg bag this week with a souper event in the shop on Bruntsfield Place.

Read the press release

Festival Events Update 26/2/15

In the tendering process used for the hire of the Events site during the Festival Underbelly have triumphed over Ladyboys.
See this BBC article.
See this Evening News article.
See also this Evening News article (2/2/15). Read about the tendering process here.

Tree planting

Have you noticed all the new trees being planted on the Meadows and Links? Some say as many as 375 new trees are being planted in January 2015 to fill in gaps caused by old trees being felled. Many different types of tree are being planted, including ornamental cherries filling the gaps in the cherry avenues. Look here to find out why old trees are felled.

Popular Parks

Parks and green spaces are popular - it's official! See this link.


We are delighted to announce that a project which has been in gestation for the last nine months has now been born. It takes the form of a mural sited on the wall of the Scottish Power substation.


Commemorative Tree

Congratulations and thanks to Audrey Simon, who has kept in mind our obligation to mark the planting of a tree on Bruntsfield Links (near the Golf Tavern) to commemorate the founding of the Friends of Parks Forum in more.

Wild flower plot

A new wild flower plot has been created on the Meadows. Read about it here.

Anyone for Chess?

You can now hire chess pieces to use on the giant chess board on the Links See the details.

Letters Page

See our Letters page. Your correspondence is invited! Please write to

Meadows Chamber Orchestra

Although they are nothing to do with FoMBL, the orchestra are good friends of ours, so we like to give them some publicity here.

For further information see their website.

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