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Save Our Meadows

The Campaign continues

Spring meeting, 16th February 2015

The Spring meeting of FoMBL will take place at 7.30 pm at the Barclay Viewforth Church, Pillar Hall on Monday 16th February. For full details see the Meetings page

Tree planting

Have you noticed all the new trees being planted on the Meadows and Links? 375 new trees are being planted in January 2015 to fill in gaps caused by old trees being felled. Many different types of tree are being planted, including ornamental cherries filling the gaps in the cherry avenues.


We are delighted to announce that a project which has been in gestation for the last nine months has now been born. It takes the form of a mural sited on the wall of the Scottish Power substation.


Popular Parks

Parks and green spaces are popular - it's official! See this link.

Jawbones Update 2/12/14

The arch has been removed to storage for drying out before restoration work can begin.

Read the latest progress report and find out about the campaign to save the Arch.

See the Evening News article (September 2014).

Newsletter 38

Newsletter number 38, Autumn 2014, has now been published and can be found here.

Tree work

Why is that tree being felled? The answer can be found here.


Volunteers help on the Meadows and Links each month. See photos of the latest session.

Also see our Volunteering page.

After the Festival

The Festival is over for another year. The events have packed up and gone. See what the Meadows look like now.

Events Manifesto - Update

Heather Goodare, Convener of Fombl, gives us an update on the T & E Committee meeting where she spoke about the Parks Events Manifesto here.

Save our Parks!

There is a petition: The next Government, in 2015, must: - hold a national inquiry into the funding and management of the UK's green spaces - bring in a statutory duty to monitor and manage these spaces to Green Flag Award standard - ensure adequate public resources for all green spaces. Sign here

Have you seen our Sparrowhawks?

Lothian & Borders Raptor Study Group are looking for some help tracking ringed Sparrowhawks. Further information here if you would like to help.

Princes Street Ferris Wheel

As you can see from the Evening News article here, events money can be used to fund park improvements. Could this principle be applied to the Meadows?

Wild flower plot

A new wild flower plot has been created on the Meadows. Read about it here.

Anyone for Chess?

You can now hire chess pieces to use on the giant chess board on the Links See the details.

Letters Page

See our Letters page. Your correspondence is invited! Please write to

Meadows Chamber Orchestra

Although they are nothing to do with FoMBL, the orchestra are good friends of ours, so we like to give them some publicity here.

For further information see their website.

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