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Save Our Meadows

The Campaign continues

Newsletter 36

Newsletter number 36, Spring 2014, has now been published and can be found here.

Parks Events Consultation

The City of Edinburgh Council consultation on events in parks has now closed. If you are at all concerned about the damage events do to the Meadows each year please keep up the pressure by writing to your Councillors. The FoMBL press release on this topic can be found here.

Jawbones to go!

According to the Edinburgh Evening News, the famous Jawbone Arch is to be removed because of safety concerns. See the article here

A fund has been set up to pay to restore the Arch. Find out about the campaign here.

Clean Up Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh Council are launching a new anti litter campaign. For more information see this leaflet.

Common Good Land

Parks like the Meadows are common good land and belong to the people of Edinburgh and should not be exploited for commercial gain. There is a petition asking The Scottish Government to return our local assets to the local people they were gifted. We hope you will sign this Petition

Barbecue Update

The Council has revised the rules about using Barbecues, and has promised to enforce the new rules See the new BBQ sites map See an Evening News article from July 2013. However we are still concerned about continuing damage to the grass. See what one of our members says.

Anyone for Chess?

You can now hire chess pieces to use on the giant chess board on the Links See the details.

Letters Page

See our Letters page. Your correspondence is invited! Please write to

North Meadow Walk Latest

Nearly done?

Improvements have been made to North Meadow Walk, including resufacing, widening in places, and better markings. Just some "snagging issues" to sort out. Should be completed by the end of September.

New Rules for Parks

The City of Edinburgh Coucil has published new Management Rules for Public Parks and Greenspace, which came into force in February 2013. You can look at them here.


There is more about barbecues below, and on our Current Issues page, but at this point we would like to let you know about recent moves - the 'pilot scheme' has run for a while and the Council has to decide what to do next. The FoMBL committee is of the opinion that the Meadows would be better if there were no barbecues, and we have written to the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership to that effect. See what we have written here.


Barbecue damage to the Meadows and Links is one of the things that concerns us.

The scene on the Meadows in the warm weather in March 2012. (Front page of the Scotsman, 28/3/12. Photo Ian Rutherford)

Our advice - if you do barbecue on the Meadows or the Links:
  • Use one of the BBQ slabs or a barbecue on a stand
  • Don't put a hot barbecue on the grass
  • Wait for it to cool before you dispose of it
  • Please take your rubbish home - the bins aren't big enough
  • Don't ever BBQ on the golf course or the cricket squares
See the Council's leaflet on responsible barbecue use here.

Meadows Chamber Orchestra

Although they are nothing to do with FoMBL, the orchestra are good friends of ours, so we like to give them some publicity here.

For further information see their website.

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