Helping protect Edinburgh's green space

Board of Trustees

Convener - Andy Devenport
Secretary - Sarah Tolley
Treasurer - Jim Orr
Membership Secretary - Alec Mann
Project Manager - Neil Roger
Volunteer Co-ordinator - Yusef Samari
Newsletter Editor - Heather Goodare
Joan Carter (Southside Community Council)
Kaaren Haughton (Southside Community Council)
Alison Service (Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council)
Iain Black (Tollcross Community Council)
Bridget Stevens (Merchiston Community Council)


Webmaster: Philip McDowell


FoMBL Constitution

Annual returns to OSCR

Each year from 2016 we have to make a return to OSCR in the form of an annual report and accounts.

Accounts for 2017/18
Annual report 2018
Here is the annual report 2017, and here are the accounts for 2016/17.
Here is the annual report 2016, and here are the accounts for 2015/16.

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