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From Angus Calder, 4/3/13

I would just like to note my very strong support for the idea of treating blank walls currently affected by graffiti on the Meadows as spaces for thought provoking art/creativity.

I think this is an imaginative solution, that would not only solve the graffiti problem, but could actually make a very positive contribution to the Meadows itself.

The idea of a holly screen seems to be a sensible enough, if uninspiring suggestion.

However, the idea that an advertisement hoarding would be an improvement over graffiti, I think is frankly bizarre.

Our public realm is already saturated with tawdry commercial imagery clamouring for our attention, do we really need to introduce it into our parks too, just because we dont have the imagination to create an better solution to a minor problem (and it might not be 'self-financing'!).

Parks should be restful places, places to play, to recharge and stimulate the mind.

Lets help the Meadows become more so, not consider polluting it with advertising.

Angus Calder

From Jennifer Beck

I moved here from the States two years ago and love my home in Bruntsfield. However, I find the state of the green space on Sunday mornings, especially in the summer, to be deplorable. I cannot walk the dogs without fear of them getting glass in their paws, and I find myself daily picking up other people's garbage.

Two things that might help are a marketing plan in the parks to encourage people to take more responsibility for clearing up their own rubbish and asking them to encourage others around them to do so as well. Another solution might be to have an off-duty police officer patrol the parks solely for the purpose of ensuring that people use the rubbish bins and be responsible with their BBQs. And if the officer were to distribute tickets to abusers onsite (much as do traffic wardens), then it could help alleviate a big part of the problem.
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